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Case study

This case study shows the performance of AuditEngine peforming ballot image audits when applied to three counties in Florida for the 2020 November Election, Collier County, Volusia County, and St. Lucie County. We show that the accuracy of AuditEngine is greater than 99.99% and when it differs with the voting system and the images are not corrupted, AuditEngine correctly interprets voter intent 93% of the time while the voting system interprets it correctly only 7% of the time. (These numbers are from Collier County audit and are slightly corrected from the video).

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The Case Study

The Case Study Report <-- click here to open as googledoc
Case Study Report <-- click here to open googledoc

Cover Letter to Volusia County

Video Overview of the Case Study

  • Part 1: Introduction and Theory of Operation:
  • Part 2: Collier County:
  • Part 3: St. Lucie County:
  • Part 4: Volusia County: