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Audit Projects -- Arizona 2020

  • Top Counties -- Arizona's 15 counties is extremely concentrated in just a few. The largest county, Maricopa County, 60% of the electorate, and the top three counties comprise more than 80% of the electorate.

  • Ballot Images -- Ballot images are considered public records but are not available to the public. However, we have requested the ballot images from the 2020 Election due to the audit conducted there, they may be available in private mode.

  • Voting System -- Arizona uses ES&S, Dominion, and Clear Ballot (one county) voting systems.

  • Official Audits -- Signed into law 2006, Arizona's audit law calls for one federal, one statewide, and one legislative contest to be audited, in addition to one ballot measure and the presidential contest.

  • -- Audit laws

    The selection of the precincts shall not begin until all ballots voted in the precinct polling places have been delivered to the central counting center. The unofficial vote totals from all precincts shall be made public before selecting the precincts to be hand counted.

    Arizona considers early-arriving VBM ballots in the set of "early ballots," and they sample "one percent of the total number of early ballots cast or five thousand early ballots, whichever is less", and the manual tally will escalate if the hand count shows that the contest outcome is different from the computer outcome, in terms of the winning contest option.

  • 2020 Senate Audit -- In 2020, the AZ state senate conducted an audit of Maricopa County. We have requested the ballot images but they have not been provided.

(Note: The Number of voters shown below is not absolutely current, but still provides valid relative ranking.)

State Jurisdiction Main City Voters Natl Rank Cum Voters Rank % Total Vendor
AZ MARICOPA COUNTY Phoenix 2264677 2 2264677 1 59.55% Dom.
AZ PIMA COUNTY Tucson 585691 50 2850368 2 74.95% ES&S
AZ PINAL COUNTY Near Phoenix 195332 207 3045700 3 80.09% ES&S
AZ YAVAPAI COUNTY Prescott 149304 262 3195004 4 84.02% Unisyn
AZ MOHAVE COUNTY Lake Havasu City 136847 285 3331851 5 87.62% ES&S
AZ YUMA COUNTY Yuma 92798 407 3424649 6 90.06% ES&S
AZ COCONINO COUNTY Flagstaff 85513 435 3510162 7 92.31% ES&S
AZ COCHISE COUNTY Bisbee 79011 467 3589173 8 94.38% ES&S